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The Sports Field Manager’s Intro to Infield Drainage

How the Z-23 is the Perfect Moisture Management Tool 

Water is a key tool used in infield maintenance. Aside from keeping the turf healthy and equipment clean, you know that managing moisture levels in your material can make or break the performance of the field, and players, on game day.

In this article, we dive into the importance of infield drainage and how you can balance moisture in your infield using the Force Z-23

Infield Drainage Defined

The infield drainage process absorbs water and moves it throughout the ground profile. By guiding excess water away from the playing surface, infield drainage keeps the grade of the ballfield secure without disturbing too much material in the process. 

Whether this leftover water drains down into a drainage system or out into the outfield turf, the purpose of infield drainage is to prevent potential flooding within the infield so that the ground remains playable.

Ball game cancellations are often the result of field flooding. Without proper drainage, fields can become waterlogged, leading to fewer games, lost revenue, and great disappointment from players and patrons. Worse yet, a wet surface increases the risk of players tripping and slipping, leading to sprains or other severe injuries that could take them out for the season. In short, infield drainage is your key to keeping the game you love active for everyone.

Benefits of Routine Drainage

Sports field experts know that the best games are played on quality fields. Whether your baseball league is recreational or professional, every team deserves to play at their best on a stable, high-quality surface. With the right equipment and planning, you can achieve the right drainage for your ball field and enjoy benefits like:

Proper infield drainage gives players confidence to perform at the top of their game. With a well-curated and well-drained field, your groundskeeping efforts can guarantee safer and more enjoyable games for every baseball or softball team.

How to Create Drainage Using the Force Z-23

The right equipment makes a huge impact on your infield quality. With so much ground to cover in limited time, it's crucial to have equipment that can accelerate your groundskeeping tasks without cutting corners. That’s why the engineers at Force by ABI have designed the Force Z-23 to bring your game to the next level. 

Built for power and precision, this versatile infield groomer remains unmatched as a moisture management tool. The patented design of the Z-23 is made for ease of use and swapping of attachments, giving you professional-level drainage to prevent or stop flooding issues anytime. Here’s an overview of the Z-23 attachments you can use to achieve quality drainage:

Improve Water Flow

Finish and laser grade with finesse using the Z-23 Mini-Box attachment. Designed for more aggressive digging power, this attachment lets you decompact soil with ease. This function helps the soil flow smoothly, allowing a cleaner finish as well as better water drainage throughout the infield. Getting your infield the best grade and level finish has never been easier.

Loosen Your Infield Soil

Infields struggling with absorbing water and flooding may have issues with compaction. If your soil mixture contains clay, then spots with uneven water distribution will become compacted, dry, and solid like concrete.

When your infield needs renovation, take the mid-mount Force Profile Blades on the job. The patented Profile Blade can slice through stubborn ground from ½ to 3 inches under the surface, allowing the soil to loosen and let water flow for consistent baseball field drainage. 

Create a Smooth, Even Surface

Ideal for fine-tune laser grading, the Force Mini-Box Blade easily attaches to create a smooth surface players deserve. Often, field managers will overlook the material piled up around the bases and running lanes, causing soil deposits to build up and create dams during rainfall. With its zero-turn function, the Z-23 can easily grade loose infield material and create even drainage with the mini-box blade.

Breakup Hardpan Areas

Compacted softball fields can lead to hard, uneven surfaces that throw players off their game. Make your ground profile more comfortable and aerated for water flow with Force Scarifiers.

Use the ripping teeth on this mid-mount attachment to tackle heavy-duty hardpan and loosen up material for grading. While ideally groundskeepers should aim to scarify infield ¼ inch into the surface, operators can adjust the Z-23’s teeth from 0 to 6 inches for optimal drainage.

Clear Vegetation from the Infield Skin

What makes the proprietary design of the Force Stealth Blades unique is its ability to remove areas of resistance in the infield skin. Overgrown turf, weeds, and high spoils of compacted material can block water from draining from the soil.

Using this blade attachment, the Z-23 can rip through thick vegetation, clearing and loosening the infield skin enough to take on moisture. A quick grading will be all you need to get your field back in play.

Cut Away Outfield Lips

Turf maintenance is key to creating effective ball field drainage. Without edging, overgrown turf turns into outfield lips, which can pile up soil and block water drainage into the grass. Keep your whole infield level and clear of vegetation with the Force Edger System.

This mid-mount attachment empowers better turf health and infield drainage by allowing operators to cut a clean line down to the roots. Guarantee greener turf and a playable surface with the Z-23.

Moisture control has never been easier for sports field managers. Boasting a range of specialized attachments, the Force Z-23 delivers the power, precision, and speed groundskeepers need to create consistent drainage everytime. No matter the size of the ballpark, make sure your infield stays in play with the best equipment. 

Bring Out the Best in Your Infield with the Z-23

Infield drainage is more than just flood prevention. It’s about strategically and effectively enhancing the playing experience of the game. From baseball to softball - professional or recreational - sports field managers are determined to create a surface that can last long and help players perform at their full potential.

Using the right equipment can make all the difference on your ground surface. That’s why the engineers of Force by ABI built the Z-23: to streamline routine infield maintenance and improve work quality for groundskeepers with a range of innovative attachments. Using high-quality equipment for infield drainage will ensure an equally high impact on the quality of play each game season. 

This is the core of Force by ABI’s mission: to deliver better innovations for sports field and landscaping maintenance so you can get outdoor work done better. Using the Z-23, you can meet and exceed your infield maintenance goals so your infield is always ready for game day.

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